These aren’t really stringent, but a few operating guidelines to what I do and don’t do at the Review:

  • I DON’T censor artists, which is why you’ll see the full, written-out versions of profanities and “nigga/nigger” when necessary. I also DON’T use those words in my writing, except in quoting, because Will Smith ain’t have to cuss in his raps to sell records.
  • I DO credit other sources of content when appropriate. If you didn’t get credit for a link and want it, know that I DO respond to comments when I can, and to emails at a little more frequently.
  • I DON’T delete or moderate comments, except for spam. I reserve the right to do so for particularly egregious comments, but I can only imagine doing that in the rarest of rare circumstances.
  • I DON’T mind you copying or using lyrics I transcribe for your own purposes, but I DON’T like when it is done without attribution, and I DO tend to notice when you use mine verbatim, thanks to the particular spellings and parentheticals I use. So DON’T think I don’t shake my head at that.
  • I DON’T claim any ownership of any download links to music posted on this site, only post things freely available elsewhere, and encourage the purchase of music if you want to, you know, abide by the law. If you DO see something that should be deleted or removed, just email me; I DON’T want your C&Ds.
  • I DO put a lot of tags on a lot of posts. It’s a lame attempt at SEO and occasionally works. I DON’T care what you think about it.
  • I DON’T have any pretensions to the world’s best taste. (I bought a Jibbs CD.) And I DON’T have any problems arguing about the subjectivity of art in the comments. But you DO have a much better chance of engaging me if you stay civil.
  • I DON’T think this will be the end of these rules.

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