I welcome submissions, but here’s the key: You will not get a post unless I get your submission via email at And your chances of getting a post are much, much better if you give me the following:

  • An email that explains who you are (where you’re from, what you’re doing, etc.) and why I should post your stuff.
  • An image I can run with the post. 500 width JPG/PNG images work fine. Please no NSFW images.
  • A download link I can use in the post. (It’s incumbent upon you to do this; if you send me an MP3, I’m not going to upload it, and I’m not going to look kindly on you asking me to do your work for you.)
  • Assurance that you have complied with all proper clearances and can legally provide download links to the music.

Even then, I’m not going to swear I’ll post what you send; I run The Rockabye Review by myself, and I stand for the quality of the blog. That means I’m giving your song/project/video a listen/watch before I post it, and not throwing up wackness or garbage. If I don’t like what I hear, but you’ve followed all the necessary guidelines, I’ll be sure to at least give you feedback via email.

If you’re unsure if your music fits here, browse a few posts and check me out on Twitter; my taste is expansive and not too hard to figure out. (Please do not spam me on Twitter; I won’t post something you just tweet me.)

Also: Even doing everything right is not a guarantee that I’ll get to your submission in the timeliest fashion. I’m a college student; I have a job; I try to get some sleep, occasionally.

Emails will be addressed in the order they are received. Emails to any other email address requesting a post will be reported to Gmail as spam.

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