Trae The Truth feat. MDMA, Lupe Fiasco, Wale, Big Boi, and Wiz Khalifa, “I’m On” (Lyrics + MP3)

14 Nov

This is Cleaning Out My Saved Drafts Week.

“I’m On” is probably my favorite posse cut of the year, with all due respect to future COMSDW subject “2 Deep,” and it’s the exact same sort of shit-talk that the best posse cuts of the modern era are about: Being fly and wearing fresh attire and smoking expensive high-grade marijuana.

But this isn’t every other posse cut: it’s got a weird mix of contributors — with the exception of Wale and Wiz, it would be weird to see any two of the four rapping guests together on a track — and works despite putting its heaviest hitters at the beginning and saving the airiest for last. It’s also a wonderfully produced track, from Houston’s CyFyre with a few rippling synth notes, sharp drums, and the repeated chop of MDMA’s “I’m on” leaving it suspended in thin air in a way that the other big “I’m on” song of 2011 isn’t.

And, best of all, everyone gets off: Lupe sounds at ease and doesn’t have to shoehorn in his attempt to be thoughtful; Trae’s whispery menace contrasts with everyone else beautifully; Antwan is barely trying, but comes up with the best image of the whole endeavor (“Made my mark like the craters on the moon / Rockin’ alligator shoes”); Wale’s fortune cookie-ism (“Rather live alone forever than live a lie”) hits; and whoa, Wiz raps like he really wants to be part of an upper echelon, almost double-timing and then switching back to “Nigga, I’m on like the light,” one hell of a truism, before a dismount that’s so clever I can’t believe he came up with it.

I really, really like this song, is what I am saying. Download “I’m On” at Hulkshare, buy Street King at Amazon, and check out the “I’m On” lyrics after the jump, adapted from Killer Hip-Hop’s.


(Higher, higher)


I’m on
I’m on
I’m on
Oooh, yeah, hey
I’m on
I’m on
I’m on
I’m on
(Whooaaa-oh-ah-oh-oh) I’m on
(Whooaaa-oh-ah-oh-oh) I’m on
(Whooaaa-oh-ah-oh-oh) I’m on

Lupe Fiasco

Yeah, glitterati, big bodies and tall swangs
Devil on me, Spitalfields and AllSaints
Playin’ field ain’t level in the lane
Throw stones at ya bones, kick pebbles at your pain
Swear they go hard, but they so Jell-O in the paint
Tryna Carmelo but he cain’t
Lord have mercy, but we’ll be having that jersey
Flowin’ so hungry, rappin’ that thirsty
Think fast, fast women like Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Fast life like born on Wednesday and died on Thursday
Fast money like Zakat al-Fitr, break fast
Slow my roll like brake pads
‘Cause if you run the light, they just might stop you niggas
Rodney King on the dome, just the things that I’m on

Trae Tha Truth

I’m on this one-way, headed where the Suns play
If I don’t make it, then somebody tell my son spray
Struggled at first class, headed for the runway
Real nigga shit, I gotta make it one day
Sick of hard times, so I tell them to fall back
Sittin’ in all white, but the Phantom is all black
For everything I lost, tell ’em I want it all back
Everyone who left me for nothing, tell ’em to call back
They ain’t authentic, tell them I don’t even relate
Minus the love, they feel like I was something to hate
Tell them hate now, the world looking at ‘im
They on the front row, everybody looking at ‘im
I used to have dark nights, now it’s bright lights
Daytime bus pass, now it’s night flights
Had a po’ man’s swag, now it’s priced right
Always wanted a piece of the pie, now it’s sliced right
Yeah, you can tell ’em I’m home
The streets in need of a king, you can tell ’em I’m home
Used to be at the bottom, tell ‘em it wasn’t for long
Now I’m always in the hood like I never was gone
I’m on, I told ‘em I’m something that ain’t gon’ cut off
Try to hit the switch if you want, I ain’t gon’ cut off
A hundred thousand volts of Truth, I ain’t gon’ shut off
Anything in the way is gon’ get permanantly shut off

I’m on (Whooaaa-oh-ah-oh-oh)
I’m on (Whooaaa-oh-ah-oh-oh)
I’m on (Whooaaa-oh-ah-oh-oh)
(Oooh yeah, hey) I’m on

Big Boi

Never letting go, although sometimes I slip
Like banana peels for heels, my spiel is so legit
Notice it every time I pick up the microphone and spit
Eyes wide, ears open, like you on a doctor’s visit
But this ain’t physics of rocket science
It’s just a little tune to keep you motivated and inspired
I am not a motivational speaker
But people get easily motivated when they hear B-i-g wreaking
Havoc on the track, boi, grab it, hold it tight
My city, grind with me, hootie-hooin’ through the night sky
Butterfly bow tie, made my mark like the craters on the moon
Rocking aligator shoes, I’m on


You know me, cool breeze, a nigga high
Rather live alone forever than live a lie
I’m in the zone, Foam Pros keepin me comfy
Y’all squares, dark squares cover my luggage
I’m in love with some women, more in love with my mother
I’m in love with my God, less in love with this money
And my level is off, got a bigger cigar
Out in Vegas wit’ broads, ’bout as thick as Toccara
My ambition is ammunition if this is war
They can’t run, they can’t run, this is a war
Got forever endurance, forever I’m the purest
I put my breath in this ma’fucka, they better hear it
Good denim, bad women, and better lyrics
My only dream, to get rich and never marry
Gave these niggas the pink slip when they appeared
And I ain’t trippin’, my only competition’s the mirror

Wiz Khalifa

Remember they used to be like who is this, now I’m up in this bitch
Smoking weed out in London, they bringing me fish and chips
Thought of this as a young’un, who know this be the life that I really live
Now I’m flying on trips, promoters and owners giving me gifts
Don’t gotta shop, I aint payin’ for shit
This Audemar on my wrist, got it, harder to miss
Older people looking at me “How I bought all of this?”
I say I got it from grindin’, perfect timin’, started at the bottom
Ain’t afraid to climb, and took somethin’ rough and turned it to a diamond
Oh, it ain’t come easy, had to find it
And now you can’t say I got game ’cause I define it
Nigga, I’m on like the light
On, and if I ever fall off, I’ll be back on the same night
Me and my dogs we on the same flight
Carefree, I don’t need to stress
Smoking Khaled, my weed the best

(Double M G shit)

(Smokin’ while I’m rappin’, beyotch!)

(Got Lupe Fiasco)
(Trae The Truth)
(And Big Boi)
(Daddy Fat Sacks)

6 Responses to “Trae The Truth feat. MDMA, Lupe Fiasco, Wale, Big Boi, and Wiz Khalifa, “I’m On” (Lyrics + MP3)”

  1. ivemar80 November 15, 2011 at 1:44 AM #

    I agree with you. This song is something special.

  2. Grisha November 20, 2011 at 1:20 AM #

    Yep! Cool song

  3. William Rapbeat December 24, 2011 at 4:25 AM #

    I liked the beat too, had some subtle changes.
    You might ask why when you look in the sky there is no high from smoking khaled. Gets me squalid in that flight to ambition which is overnight not an oversight, but we’ll be right. A hundred thousand volts of truth wrings my life and hurts my tooth. Which is why the crocodile in my eye is dripping tears nearly dry.
    Sorry couldn’t resist. Love it.

  4. T3x #Radio July 24, 2012 at 9:51 AM #

    cool song… gonna steal it for my mag.

  5. hitgrinderz October 13, 2012 at 7:37 AM #

    Still a cool song in 2012

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