Lloyd feat. Lil Wayne and Andre 3000, “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)” (Lyrics + MP3)

30 Jun

This jam, basically the funkiest head-nodding ode to a cheating ex Lloyd, Weezy, and Three Stacks could cook up, could be the song of the summer, provided someone figures out how to (appropriately) change “pussy” into something radio can play. (Pro tip: Do not listen to “Dedication To My Ex” without headphones unless your surroundings are really cool with the word “pussy.”) “Cookie” would work; hell, “cookie” could eventually get this song on Sesame Street. Produced by Polow da Don, D. Smith, and maybe Andre? King Of Hearts is out next Tuesday.

Download the “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)” MP3 at Hulkshare. Find the “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)” lyrics after the jump.


Lil Wayne

Hey, y’all
I come to talk about this girl that had my love
See, I went away for a while
And she gave my love away
And I really shouldn’t blame her
But now, that pussy is a stranger

Lloyd (Lil Wayne)

Somethin’s on my mind, I gotta say it
Yeah, your pussy done changed
It ain’t the same, girl, and that’s a shame (A cryin’ shame, baby)
Oooh, ain’t bein’ funny (Uh-uh)
I know another bee’s been in that honey (Damn)
Oooh, baby, that pussy done changed
It’s such a shame, girl, and that’s a shame
(Who the hell you been givin’ my lovin’ to, girl?)

(No, no) Tell me where’d that pussy go
(No, no) ‘Cause it don’t feel the same no mo’
(I miss that pussy, that pussy) That pussy, that pussy
(Oh, no)

(How you do me like that, baby?)

(No, no) Why is this happening to me?
(No, no) She told me that it was my pussy
(I miss that pussy) My pussy, (That pussy) that pussy
That pussy (That pussy) That pussy (Bye, pussy!)
(No, no) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

She (Uh)
She used to be a really special lady (My everything)
I guess she’s feelin’ kinda freaky lately
It’s such a shame, ’cause now the pussy’s changed
(That pussy changed, yeah-ah)
She used to squeeze me (Oooh)
Grip me tight enough so she could please me
But now, now, now that pussy changed
(Pussy done changed) It’s such a shame
(Pussy done changed) That pussy chaaaanged, now

(No, no) Where did your pussy go? (Where it’s at, baby?)
(No, no) ‘Cause girl, I need to know
(I miss that pussy, that pussy) That pussy, that pussy
(Oh, no)
(You see, it was on some ol’ one-of-a-kind type shit, baby)

(No, no) I’m about to kill this bitch
(No, no) She gave away all my shit
(I miss that pussy) That pussy, (That pussy) new pussy
(That pussy) I miss that, (That pussy) old pussy (Yeah)
(No, no) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Andre 3000

Damn, darling, do change your oil
I’m your number one fan belt, they are not important
I don’t use a cordless microphone aboard them
They don’t feel real to me, meaning real women
Others peeled on me, you the primer on the lime
Bean green box when I couldn’t afford a Ford
Cling socks, scootin’ ‘cross the floor in your
Grandmama house, hand on your mouth
You yell too much about the penny-ante
This mechanic’s so uncanny X-Men, ex-men
Your ex-boyfriend should thank me that I took you off his hands
No, I can’t bring another beach to the sand
And though I am well aware that you can bring a man to his knees
And get whatcha need without sayin’ please
But can you bring a man to his feet when defeat is on repeat?
And they gon’ put this man Grammys on the street?
What? Why so quiet?
Hate that all of our memories happen in a Hyatt
You were perfect before you went on a diet
You was way thicker, you think I don’t remember
Shit, the magazine got to your head
Now somebody you don’t e’en know got ya in bed
Bet your buddy don’t e’en know you don’t like red
Or was it fuschia? Fuck it, our future is dead

(No, no) (I thought a pussy could have nine lives, man) (I need to know!)
(No, no) Yeah, yeah, yeah-ee-ah!
I miss that pussy (That pussy), that pussy, that pussy
(Oh, no) (That pussy) Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh

(No, no) I’m about to kill this bi’h
(No, no) She gave away all my shit
(I miss that pussy) My pussy, (That pussy) that pussy (So if you see ‘er)
That pussy, (That pussy) bye, pussy! (Let the bitch know I’ma kill ‘er when I see ‘er)
(No, no) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

I miss ya, girl!
(Fuck that bitch!)

2 Responses to “Lloyd feat. Lil Wayne and Andre 3000, “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)” (Lyrics + MP3)”

  1. Tim March 8, 2012 at 3:23 PM #

    All you f-ing americans are so uptide. You can shoot and kill half the world but the word pussy can not be said out loud. I love the USA but you all fucked up. Here in the Netherlands you can say almost anything on radio and tv, so we get this song uncensored. I love it that PUSSY!!!

  2. gulumsel December 5, 2012 at 4:45 PM #

    wooooow it veryyyyyyyyyy good

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