Big Sean, “I Do It” (Lyrics + MP3)

8 May

G.O.O.D.’s D-Town representer’s second single off Finally Famous: The Album — side note: quit naming your albums after your mixtapes — finds him trying to turn his “I do it” from a hot ad-lib to a hot song. Doesn’t quite work for me, but if Big Sean’s album is just a lot of fly talk over these killer No I.D. beats (here, Dion co-produces with The Legendary Traxster), it’ll be hot.

Download the “I Do It” MP3 via DDotOmen. Shouts to Rap Radar. Find the “I Do It” lyrics (via Killer Hip-Hop) after the jump.


Big Sean

I do it
I do it
I do it (Yeah, I like that)
Boy (B-i-g Sean Don, nigga)
Nigga, fuck yo’ time, nigga (I do it)

I waited my whole life to be the man of the hour, I really can’t lie
I was the man when I started, I’ll be the man when I die
Man, these hoes take yo’ money, and I take they virginity
I’m high, I split her O in half, now it’s a parenthesis
Crazier than crazy, ape shit, retardedly stupid
I put that weed in the earth and pass it, yep, that’s alley-oopin’
Okay, now, oh, that’s your girl? Well, I don’t give a mass or two shits
Okay, I’m Westside, Westside till I’m divin’ underneath them tulips
You bordo like Enrique, I’m toupee, I’m three-pay
I’m looking like I’ma sweepstakes but I treat ya girl like a cheap skate
‘Cause I need a crib, a big estate, I need a boat and that need a lake
I need some salmon, that need a plate, that need a chef, so I feed my safe
My crew is who I be widdy-be-wid-it, rose, I sippity-sip-it
I’m Quagmire, I fuck hoes, my cash flow, I giggidy-gig-it
Oh, boy, I’m cock-a-manian, the most zaniest, insani-ent
Pulling up in Merced-ians (Ballin’), rolling up like I’m Damian (Marley)
I love girls that Arabian, Albanian, Caucasian
I ride around gettin’ cranium ’cause my dick is hard as titanium
Oh, oh, boy you had your chance, and blew it (You blew it)
Stand aside and watch a real nigga do it, bitch

I do it (I do it)
I do it (I do it)
I do it (I do it)

I feel like the world mine
Just bow down, the world mine
I’mma let you live, the world mine
This world mine

T-t-the one and only in this mothafucker
Niggas starin’ like we the only ones in this mothafucker
How could you not know we in this mothafucker?
I got my haters looking lonely in this mothafucker
Whoa, I’m sipping on whatever I get handed
Throwing house parties so crazy that my crib look like a campus
Play your cards right and I could blow you up
Nah, I ain’t Gambit, shit, I’m wasted (Wasted)
This looks like a job for Captain Planet
Nah, nah, good Lordy, whoadie, I just took more shots than Kobe
The realest niggas is reppin’, the baddest bitch is promoting
She put that thong on my groin, groin, and then it go boing!
Got my fronter on her bumper, does it look like she towing?
I-I-I hustle hard like I’m finna lose the crib
And party hard like I’m finna do it big
All I ever do is big (So what?)
S-s-so-so all she wanna do is Big
Girl, what your name is, I really can’t remember (I cain’t)
And Tone breaking tree down, somebody yell out timber (Timber)
I’m up up in them kush clouds, lighting up like I’m Zeus (Ooh!)
Bitch, stand back watch how a real nigga do (Do it)

I do it (I do it, I do it)
I do it (I do it, I do it)
I do it (I do it, I do it)
Boy, boy
Boy, boy
Boy, boy

I feel like, the world mine
Just bow down, the world mine
I’ma let you live, the world mine
This world mine



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