Kendrick Lamar, “Look Out For Detox” (Lyrics + MP3)

17 Apr

So. This is really the moment when Kendrick Lamar served notice to people who hadn’t been checking that he has talent beyond what most imagine. The beat’s actually from Childish Gambino’s “You Know Me” — imagine that, someone listening to Donald Glover’s vanity hip-hop career for the menacing “This could echo in a canyon” beats and not the dick jokes! — but what Kendrick does to it obliterates all prior work by Troy Barnes. In fairness, Glover’s not exactly aiming for the “I will rap asteroid belts around you” effect K-Dot achieves … but Kendrick doing that on his home turf is proof that he might be wasting some fantastic instrumentals.

Digressions about rap careers that barely deserve them aside, I went looking for the “Look Out For Detox” lyrics and found some at Killer Hip-Hop. Except those lyrics were unfortunately riddled with, from “They wanna protocol” to “Pay your nook” to “Shoved out the kush,” so I spruced them up, capitalized things, and added that one i to that one word for a better copy of the “Look Out For Detox” lyrics. These aren’t perfect, but they’re closer, and I welcome any corrections in the comments. Also, my Sunday morning insomnia says “You’re welcome.”

Download the “Look Out For Detox” MP3 here via TCC. And find the correct “Look Out For Detox” lyrics after the jump.


Kendrick Lamar

Shoutout to Schoolboy Q
He uglier than a motherfucker…

Tire marks, tire marks, finish line with the tire marks
When the relay starts, I’m a runaway slave (Uh)
Walking on water and running on waves, God MC, I’m a god you gotta see
There’s never no eyes in me, if’n I din’t see, I’m a block away
Fire marshals moving in, marshmallows inside my pen
sweet sixteens, got a sweet sixteen and they deadlier than sin
I’m so appalled, with a prototype with a godly protocol
You an amateur, they wanna pro to call
I damage ya on camera in Compton, in Canada, I don’t care where you are
Just blink twice and I’m there where you are
Like a shadow in the dark, you a paddle in the boat
In an ocean of sharks, ’bout to come up short
Water in the pot, flow crack rock like bam, bam, nigga, have two grams, nigga,
Pay up or blam, blam, nigga, have the black Cam, reaper, Dipset, Killa Cam nigga
I done been around niggas, killas, pimps
You ain’t been around shit but your mama and your bitch
Shoved off the porch when I was like six
Uncle Bobby got the house raided back in ’96
Kick in the do’, canines all in the kitchen way before I even heard of Mike Vick
Mama in the bathroom, Papa at work
Happened on a Sunday, we shoulda went to church
Look at my shirt, Polo on it, it’s gon’ sell if my logo on it
I fear no opponent, a demon come near and I might throw a spear at the omen
You looking at the 2010 Romans Empire, high power, HP
In ya face like HD, and I spit like a HK, I’ma shop like a H3
H-u-b C-i-t-y A-D N-Y-G
Problem ain’t Hootie, nigga
Tell the government “Come shoot me, nigga!”
‘Cause I’m going out with a fist raised
And a fistful of money given to the fifth grade
Drink a fifth of Hennessey and then take another fade
With a Democratic politician from CA
They don’t wanna see a b-l-a-c-k
Making some scratch like a Hall of Fame DJ
Give us some free Js, put us in the PJs
Now we in the county jail calling for a threeway
Goddamn, y’all cold, mark of the beast
Wit’ ya goddamn barcodes stuck in the street
Where it’s dark like Harpo
Black man tell me where your goddamn heart go
Although, I’m in the land of milk and honey
Nobody never gave me shit, when I got my first chain
All the niggas tried to take it from me
I had to fight back and shit, get it back and shit
And you rap niggas lookin’ funny
Tryna talk back and shit, like he back that shit
Acting like you real or sommin’
Nigga ain’t popped no steel, ain’t popped no collar
Go pop some pills or sommin’
You trying real hard to appeal to sommin’, I’m bein’ myself
My BFF is a B-M-Dub
With your BM in it and a stash box glove
And the medicine the doctor gave a nigga won’t help
I’m at a limit where I be amazing myself
I bet I finish at a level wit’ a black belt
I bet it anywhere, every rapper get killed
Like bluh, bluh, bluh, bluh, where the knife at?
Cut, cut, cut, where ya life at?
Career’s over, he slumped over
And if I’m off beat, know I’m unsober
That’s a new flow
Plus, plus Q gave me some kush and some Nuvo
New dough for the New Year, and I sumo on a rap peer
Not a rapper, I’m a raptor
That’s a T. Rex, in a V-neck for the Rapture
I’m a factor and your facial
I will fracture to a fraction
Of one half and I hate math
Pastors like Eddie Long, fuckin’ maricón
Took me mighty long to get here
Nigga, FUCK

Told you I was gon’…
Fall off, Q, you recordin’, you got that shit?
(Yeah, yeah!)
Owl-ugly ass
Fuck all that setback’s droppin’ December, bitch
(Don’t worry!)
(You are NOT gonna suck on my dick tonight!)
(Don’t worry!)

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