The 2010 Review: Endtroducing

30 Dec

It’s no secret that I suck at compelling myself to write longform pieces about anything. 

If you follow me on Twitter — and you should, because I occasionally do odd things — you know I’ve been talking about what I think are some of the best and worst things in pop culture (music, mostly) in 2010.

That’s mostly because tweeting is way easier than sitting down and knocking out 200, 400, 800, or 2,000 words on things. But I want to do the latter! Though maybe not the 2,000 words part!

I have thoughts, and a well-stocked Saved Drafts section of the TRR back end, and a little bit of time in the coming days and the month of January. And so I’m starting up The 2010 Review, which is going to be a little bit of list-making, a little bit of extended writing, a little bit of theory, and, hopefully, a lot of fun.

First note: I’m definitely going to have some corny titles, cornier than this.

Deal with it.

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