Veronica Mars, “You Think You Know Somebody”

11 Aug
A quote-heavy roundup.
  • “Dude. Where is your car? …sorry.”
  • “Change has a walk of just walking up and punching me in the face.”
  • This show does a very good job of hiding the fact that Kristen Bell is five-foot-nothing.
  • “The best way to dull the pain of your best friend’s murder is to have your mother abandon you as soon as possible.”
  • Faking your own mother’s death certificate is a pretty good way to add four years of therapy to the 30 you already need, Veronica.
  • The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” in a show that originally aired 2004! Again, whoever did the music wins.
  • I love chase scenes that take place in suburbia.
  • I’ve long thought one mark of a good show is letting characters speak fluent Spanish and trusting the audience to follow subtitles. I’m glad to see VM is no different.
  • “I’ll be nice to your boyfriend if you be nice to my girlfriend.”
  • “A ball or your life. You do the math.” (beat) “IT’S A BALL.”
  • Neptune High is the world’s most poorly-lit high school.
  • Yeah, Bell and Enrico Colatoni are very capable of ramping up the emotions.
  • “Your being a good father isn’t something I can bitch to my girlfriends about over margaritas.”
  • “Of course, you’re Veronica Mars. You know everything.” And don’t you forget it! (Seriously, Veronica needs control.)
  • The twist in Troy’s story isn’t a particularly well-done one, and him going from all-around good guy to drug-dealing lech in a month isn’t all that believable. But I sure did hate him by the end of this episode.
  • It’s interesting that 2004 was a time in which people still needed CD players but had camera phones.

Comments always welcome. I think I’m going to start jamming two shows into one recap because it’s just more fun to be watching them than constantly thinking about what to write.

Watch “You Think You Know Somebody” | “You Think You Know Somebody” on Wikipedia | “You Think You Know Somebody” recap at TWOP

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