Veronica Mars, “Credit Where Credit’s Due”

10 Aug

Same verse, second chorus, not as many highs or lows.

  • One of the difficulties of following “Pilot” is that that 40ish minutes packed a lot of a year in Veronica Mars’ life into one tightly wrapped package. There wasn’t a lot of wasted time on screen in that episode, and nothing pulled me out of the world of Neptune. Paris Hilton’s cameo, as Veronica nemesis Logan Echolls’ ditzy, vapid girlfriend, does just that. Hilton’s not asked to do much, and just sort of slouches around dismissively, leaning on things and standing in windows and, thank God, not delivering many lines, but her presence, as a celebrity, pulled me out of Neptune and made me wonder whether Veronica et al. would be aware of a Paris Hilton-like person. It’s not a wise thing for a show that relies on dunking you in its world to do, and I hope it doesn’t recur.
  • Aaron Ashmore, who plays Troy, the chivalrous obvious future love interest for Veronica, is the twin brother of Shawn Ashmore (Iceman from the X-Men movies, Jake from Animorphs). I’m not going to be able to shake that Veronica ends up dating Jake. Jake should end up with Cassie.
  • Sydney Poitier looks enough like V‘s Lourdes Benedicto with curly hair that I had to look it up to make sure they were different people.
  • Veronica seems very much in her element both with the bikers and the rich kids, because she treats them both as powerful-but-dim groups to greet with snark and outwit. Considering it’s one of the rich kids who raped her, though, that requires an amount of restraint I doubt I could muster. (And as a dude, I probably never will. Would any women like to add to this?)
  • In this episode, we get the first inklings that Veronica and Papa Mars will stray into gray, possible unethical grounds to get their culprit. Veronica coerces Wallace into making copies of attendance records, somehow obtains one person’s history from a shared computer, enlists her dad to dupe a hotel desk clerk into handing over a sensitive document, and borrows the identity of a dead person. I realize this is all in the name of justice, but still.
  • Speaking of borrowing Lilly’s identity: The Sunday desk clerk at the Neptune PD must be really new to not recognize the name of the town’s most celebrated murder victim, right?

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