Jay-Z, Saturday Night Live Medley

11 May


  • “Ladies and gentlemen, JAY-Z!” From Betty White! America: Greatest country ever.
  • “PSA” with a live band is something everyone should experience.
  • I love short transitions, and using “On To the Next One” for any transition is especially good.
  • I think I’ve heard changed-up versions of “99 Problems” before (Glastonbury had one) but the song’s so titanic in general that mixing it with nearly anything is fun.
  • Jay’s among the best at editing himself for TV. It works the best for “Empire State of Mind” here, but “In the rear view mirror, it’s none other than the law” is choice.
  • “99 Problems” into “’03 Bonnie and Clyde” is wry; the dusk of the “’03 Bonnie and Clyde” intro to the bubbling buoyancy of “ESOM” is magical.
  • Hello, Bridget Kelly.
  • I’m guessing we didn’t get a third verse of “ESOM” not just because of time, but because it’s aimed at Rihanna. (I’ll get to that later.)
  • The YouTube URL for this video ends in “bk.”
  • This is the MP3.

One Response to “Jay-Z, Saturday Night Live Medley”

  1. Nakisha August 9, 2010 at 5:12 PM #

    Jay Z is The Best.

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