Jay-Z, “Maybach Music 2” (Lost Verse)

29 Apr

Update: I’m bumping this back up to the top because the NMC just liberated the tagless version. Clap for ’em, and let this ride out for you. I’ll be back with you in a week, in case you’re reading this blog for my pith and not the rappers’ piff.

I bet someone ducked Jay. This is too silky for the scatology on the original, though. S-Dot stretches this one out.

Download here. (Via Nah.)

Lyrics after the jump.


Smell like summertime to me

First one to cop, I’m the Maybach muse
First one in the coupe, on my third six deuce
White guts, black Benz
I call that bitch affirmative action
Oreo, the Obama
Curtains drawn, they can’t see me, Osama
Cashmere throws as a splash of class
S.C. initials on the Tiffany glass
I guess on the initial Maybach
I was way too official, they ain’t call Jay back
I’m just a bully, I apologize
And if you woulda asked, I prolly woulda lied
This better, no pressure
As my mind reclines on white leathers
I think back to my first Maybach
Baby blue sides, I called her my Similac
Six deuce every time, I never had the Heinz
Fifty-seven can’t catch up to mines
No diss to Ricky, this his song
But everybody know this the shit that I been on
No fives, no four point ohs
So no partition’s a no-no for hos
I’m just a top drawer nigga
Penthouse every time, I’m a top floor nigga
As I drift off further
Chauffeur shows the city, observers
Oohs and aahs, they know who’s inside
Though I never touch the wheel, I won’t lose my drive
Oohs and aahs, they know who’s inside
On the factory shoes, I won’t lose my stride

3 Responses to “Jay-Z, “Maybach Music 2” (Lost Verse)”

  1. N$R April 29, 2010 at 6:52 AM #

    dope nevadaless! yessir

  2. Lamont Horner May 29, 2010 at 3:18 PM #

    Haha am I literally the first comment to your incredible post!?

  3. deputy dogg December 2, 2010 at 9:11 AM #

    jay u the man….

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