“Scream Chicken Little ‘Til Your Whole Sky Breaks”

20 Apr

I don’t do nearly as much long-form writing or reviewing on here as I’d like to (thanks, paying job), but I do make a concerted effort to rip through the occasional album, track, movie, or show on Twitter. The last one I did was something I promised Bease, a Nahments stalwart and Twitter homeboy, I would do, then kept pushing back.

I’m sorry I waited: Brian Ennals, his self-titled mixtape, is full of hard rhymes and surprisingly strong melodies. There are problems with the tape, especially with mixing and some instrumentals I could do without, but the second track, “Rise,” is definitely worth your time and hard drive space, he rocks “Exhibit C” right, and it’s cool to hear a dude I’m Internet friends with drop bombs on the mic. If nothing else, there’s enough substance and skill to suspect that Ennals can go on to make some seriously ill tunes.

You can check out many more 140-character thoughts about the mixtape at the #teambrianennals hashtag until Twitter’s worse-than-Solar’s-mismanagement-of-the-late-great-Guru search function makes that impossible to go back and reference, and download the tape at Bandcamp.

And you, if you are an artist and not a robot, and want my honest, unvarnished opinions on your creations, can hit me up at @RockabyeReview on Twitter or the request line and ask nicely for them. I can’t promise I’ll get to everything in a timely manner, or give you anything more than my thoughts in a public forum that is either this blog or Twitter (if you want to specify which, it’ll help), but I can promise you that I’ll give it a listen/watch/read.

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