Ad Review: Dairy Queen’s Marketing Scheme

26 Feb

You want some positive buzz on the Internet? Make bloggers happy with something for their gullets.

Dairy Queen gets this, and that’s why they’ve put together the “Sweet Deal” promotion and posted it at their blog. Basically, the first 250 bloggers who post something linking to the site and emailing DQ should get a $5 gift card. That’s a nice sum for a tiny bit of work, no?

But you’re supposed to “make a deal” with DQ, too.

So here’s mine, Dairy Queen:

  1. Either I’ll use the one-time $5 gift card on four different items from the Sweet Deals Menu and review them all in this space, or I’ll go with three friends, get each of their honest opinions, and post them here.
  2. Should you see fit to reward me with whatever the “sweet deals for a year” you tout as the Grand Prize, I’ll get two or three people from the dorm I live in (I’m in Gainesville, one of the larger college towns in the country, and an ideal place for drive-through and value meal foods to be taste-tested) and get them to try the Sweet Deals on that dime.

You get a bunch of free publicity in a college town that’s dominated by other ice cream chains, and you get a newly loyal customer. That’s a win-win, no?

This is how viral marketing should work on the Internet: Micro-targeted offer (bloggers with local Dairy Queens) plus little outlay of value ($5 gift card) plus little chance of fraudulent duplication (cough, Quiznos’ “free sub per email address if our franchisees don’t decide to ignore it” offer, cough) plus request for creativity equals a great idea.

Kudos to you good folks for that.

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