Review: Burger King’s BK Burger Shots

6 Feb

Have you heard of ’em? I didn’t think so. Burger King, once upon a time, Wikipedia tells me, had miniature burgers that competed with the sliders White Castle and Krystal famously produce. Now, with the BK Burger Shots, they’ll be doing that again.

Either they’re in limited release (though, according to reports, mid-2008 probably saw their first rollouts) or just debuting, because on a recent late-night trip to Burger King, the cashier didn’t know what sizes they came in, confessing, “They’re brand new!” after offering me a four-pack. (For the record, they come in two- and six-packs, and, according to this review, go for $1.49 and $4.39, respectively.)

(Update: According to the national ad currently running, the two-pack starts at $1.39.)

So I ordered a six-pack.

Stolen from A Hamburger Today.

Stolen from A Hamburger Today.

The first interesting observation: some of the meat patties stuck together. I’m guessing that means they’re all tossed on the grill at once. The second: these are not sliders. There’s no steamed aspect to them, and the onion shards you get with sliders are replaced by a paste of mustard and ketchup and a pickle.

Neither of these things ruins the burger, which is a nice, solid piece of Burger King beef, distinctively the smokiest of the Big Three chains (McDonald’s and Wendy’s are the other two), the paste, the pickle, and a bun. But that paste was slathered on my burgers, and its tang overwhelmed the beef at times, and not in good ways. These things are supposed to lure slider-lovers like me; I doubt that having the condiments steal the show helps with that.

The size of the burgers is very good, though: I usually take large bites, and these would have been tough to down in two bites, which will probably please some slider fans and frustrate the rest.

Will I order them again? Not in a six-pack form. It’s a lot of food for what you pay, but too much of it is a bun that’s nothing special. A two-pack might be good, especially if it gets added to the Value Menu (which has a 14-ounce Icee for $1.49 on it amidst other $1 items), or if the price gets reduced for specials.

These would be a nice, low-intensity thing in combination with a Whopper or another of Burger King’s loaded burgers, though, and for that, I’ve got to be positive about their prospects for staying on the menu.

I wouldn’t mind them being there at all.

(Please see A Hamburger Today for another review.)

One Response to “Review: Burger King’s BK Burger Shots”

  1. K February 15, 2009 at 2:58 PM #

    I only saw a commercial for these yesterday. In this ad, women came up to the mini-burgers like they were babies and cooed over them.
    It immediately turned me off of them.

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